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Start a Cleanse

Now offering 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10-day cleanses!


Each day of your cleanse you arrive at The Stand after 8am, (earlier pick-up can be accommodated but must be requested in advance) to pick-up a personalized bag containing six numbered bottles. Inside the bag you will find, detailed instructions and a menu that corresponds with the number bottles.

  • You only consume what is in the bag plus water and herbal tea if needed.
  • On the last day of your cleanse we give you a handout with the do's and dont's of coming off the cleanse.   
  • We only use organic living foods and oils.  We do not use intestinal cleansers or clays.
  • Made fresh each morning to ensure maximum nutrition and freshness.


Why Should I Cleanse?
Over the years your body absorbs toxins from the the air we breathe, food we eat, stress we have, creams and cleansers we use, all making our bodies acidic.  Debri also builds up in our bodies, even from healthy things like vitamins and supplements and medications, but also from indigestible foods.  All these things compromise our bodies natural ability to repair itself.  One of the ways to realign your bodies ability to heal is to alkalize your body.  When you alkalize your body you increase the oxygen within your body.   In this environment, healthy new cells form. The best way to do this is through consuming alkaline and alkalizing foods, the best way for the foods to be consumed is through a straw.  By juicing and blending alkaline foods you are breaking them down into digestible forms without compromising the nutritional value of the foods. Some of the benefits of the cleanse are clear eyes and skin, increased energy, and better digestion.  Weight loss is certainly a benefit as well.  Everyone is a little different and results of the cleanse vary.    

How much does the cleanse cost?   

The cleanse costs $60/day + tax:

1-day program $60.00 + tax
2-day program $120 + tax
3-day program $180.00 + tax
4-day program $240.00 + tax
5-day program $300 + tax
6-day program $360.00 + tax   
7-day program $420.00 + tax  
8-day program $480.00 + tax
9-day program $540.00 + tax
10-day program $600.00 + tax
* When purchased, must use consecutive days

Do you offer group discounts?
please inquire in store or about group discounts.  

How many days should I do?
We recommend that first time cleansers do the 5-day cleanse.

The first 2 to 3 days of a cleanse, most of us are still reeling from the detox off of caffeine, sugar,  and carby stuff.  We want you to get past that.  Once you are over the hangover that your regular diet provides you, your body will start to adjust.  The cleanse will help  your body  rid itself of the toxins and it is usually by day 3 and 4 that you begin to really feel that turn over and boost of energy and clarity. 

How should I prepare for the cleanse?
Let's get real, going cold turkey on bad habits is painful.  So, wean yourself off all the naughty stuff, caffeine, mid-day sugary stuff, booze (including your wine), late night snacks, over eating, and replace those things with more veggies.  I know, doesn't sound fun, but trust me, it makes the cleanse much more enjoyable.  Think of it like running a marathon, if you just wake up one day and decide to go run a marathon, you can do it , but it will take longer for your body to adjust. But if you train your body and prep your body before a marathon, it makes the process of running a heck of a lot easier. Same goes for cleansing, help prepare your body for a cleanse by cutting down on all that toxic junk you want to flush out.

Will I be hungry?
You will be consuming 6x16oz drinks each day, that are loaded with nutrients to keep your body satisfied. We provide you with enough drinks so that you're not starving yourself. We have found that people tend to miss the act of chewing more, than they miss actually eating food.

Will I need to be near a bathroom all day? 
No.  Our cleanse was designed to alkalize your body and give your digestive system a break.  We do not give you clays or intestinal cleansers that make you move your bowels frequently.  If you are moderately healthy you will have normal to a bit above normal bowels movements.  Our cleanse was designed for everyday active people.  You can cleanse your body and rid your body of toxins without having to put your life on hold for 5 days.   

How many calories are in the cleanse?  
The calorie count ranges from 900-1200 per day. 

What about protein?
Proteins are given throughout the cleanse such as almond milk and sunflower seed milk.  Also, amino acids (the building blocks of protein) are found in leafy greens, so you are getting a ton of them in your cleanse. 

What if I have a food allergy or health condition?  
Just let us know when you are signing up and we are happy to accommodate.  Also, be sure to let us know if you are on cholesterol medication or statins,  as we do use grapefruit in the cleanse which can be harmful to the effectiveness of your meds.  If you have any apprehensions you can also call Carissa, the staff is happy to hand over her number.

How often can or should I do the cleanse program?  
Unless you have a serious health concern you can cleanse as often as you would like.  We recommend doing a 5-day cleanse four times a year.  It seems like a natural rhythm, when you clean out your closet you should clean out your body.  But with that said, once you do a cleanse, your body will kind of tell you when you are ready for another.  Listen to your body, it tells you what it needs. 

**There are no refunds for the cleansing program. There may be a credit given for a future cleanse at the discretion of The Stand Juice Company.**